Two-Alarm Fire at Capital Lanes

It happened at Capital Lanes bowling alley, off Capital Circle.

Rachel Joiner is the birthday girl, and to celebrate she and more than a dozen friends were bowling at Capital Lanes. Around 3:30, witnesses say a ceiling light fixture was seen with smoke coming out of it.

"It just seemed like really nothing at first. I went to warn the party and within minutes, they said clear the building. It's amazing how quickly it turned into a blaze," said Daryl Joiner.

"We saw how serious the smoke was and cleared out the birthday party, they were our first priority," Steve Taylor said.

As employees and patrons watched the building burn, firefighters responded in slightly less than five minutes, ran inside the burning building, and confirmed everyone had gotten out.

There were four stations involved in fighting the blaze along with two ladder trucks. Firefighters didn't go back inside the bowling alley after the initial sweep, because they said there was concern the ceiling would collapse.

Witnesses and firefighters say the best news is that everyone got out. Rachel says she just wishes she had her own shoes back. Firefighters are still investigating what caused the blaze. Employees of the bowling alley say now they're concerned about their jobs.