Life With Muscular Dystrophy

A Thomasville man with muscular dystrophy has just written a book about what it's like to live with the disease.

Jason Walker no longer has the strength to write or type, but that didn't stop him from putting his story in print.

Walker has been in a wheelchair since he was 10.

Now 29 and still battling muscular dystrophy, he says you never really stop missing your body. "I'm missing where I'd be able to walk, missing my strength, missing things I could be able to do if I was healthy," he explains.

"Missing My Body" is the title of Walker's new book. He hired a writer and then started talking about what it's like to count on family and care givers for everything, how he's learned to stop worrying about things he can't control and why despite all the tubes, tanks and troubles, he still finds joy in every day.

"I figured it would give people a real perspective of what it's like to live my life and maybe give them inspiration to always stay positive," Walker said.

It's an E-Book right now, meaning you can read it online, but in a few months, Jason's story will be bound and sold. The 78 page book starts with one of his favorite quotes, which likens his disease to hurdles in a steeplechase, saying, "If you throw your heart over, the horse will go along too."

If you'd like to read excerpts from Jason's book, you can log on to