Florida Gov. Crist Receives Praise, Prepares for Special Session

The difference between Crist and predecessor Jeb Bush is being described as “night and day”, but Crist will face the toughest challenge of his administration next week.

On his first day on the job, Jeb Bush violated the constitution when he met privately with legislative leaders.

On Charlie Crist’s first day, he signed an executive order creating an office of open government.

The First Amendment Foundation is pleased with his actions.

Barbara Peterson with the First Amendment Foundation said, "[I] Find it so exciting and really heartening. The last few years have been really, really repressing in the area of open government."

On Tuesday, Ken Littlefield was sworn in as a public service commissioner.

When he was in the legislature, Littlefield had spoken out for the largest phone rate hike in state history. It was a rate hike Crist opposed.

On Thursday, the new governor won praise from consumer groups for a controversial move replacing Littlefield and another Bush appointee.

AARP Attorney Mike Twomey said, "In the past we have often had utility bias and anti-consumer bias. These changes announced by Governor Crist yesterday will bring us more toward the middle."

For many people, the difference between this governor and the current occupant has been like night and day for the past two weeks. But Charlie Crist is about to face the toughest challenge of the last decade.

Next week, state lawmakers will tackle a growing insurance crisis. The new governor remains optimistic.

Florida lawmakers will be gaveled into that special session Tuesday afternoon at 1PM.