Dale Green Memorial Softball Game

It was one year ago this month that Tallahassee Police officer Dale Green was killed in the line of duty. Since his death, a memorial fund has been set up to help Green's family. Saturday at Tallahassee Community College's baseball field, members of area law enforcement, local firefighters and elected officials, participated in the 2nd Annual Dale Green Memorial Charity softball game.
Players say the game actually started 5 years ago to benefit local charities, but with Green's passing, officers felt renaming the game could also pay tribute to their fallen comrade. "This could be something that could continue for ever and I think it's good to let people know at least once a year, hey, this is what this family, and what this person gave to your community,” said John Beeman, a Tallahassee Police Officer. Beeman went on to say in addition to helping Green's family, proceeds from today's game will also help to feed needy families this holiday season.