Bowling Alley Fire

A building of memories was engulfed with flames Friday. Now, the process of picking up the pieces began. What was once a place of fun and games, is now a collapsed building of rubble and ash. Friday a blaze broke out at the Capital Lanes Bowling Alley off Capital Circle. Employees say watching the fire being put out, ignited memories of a place they say was a part of their lives. “I was pretty devastated because I've been with the company a year. I came from England, and we have put a lot of work to try to get the place right its hard to see all your work go up in flames,” said Steve Taylor, the head mechanic for Capital Lanes.
But there is an upside to the story, the owner, Doctor Bishai says she will rebuild as soon as possible. Until then employees will have to take things one step at a time. Four fire stations battled the blaze, which spared nothing. Workers say it should be several months before the Capital City lanes is ready to strike up again But some league bowlers say it’s not a complete loss. “The positive is that you get an upgrade on the house, rather than doing it piece by piece, because its so expensive to do. Now you can come in and do a sweep across to get everything up to grade and get everything up to level,” said bowler Paul Williams.
Luckily, no one was hurt during the fire that ripped apart the Capital Lanes Bowling Alley. Until Capital Lanes is rebuilt bowlers can go to Seminole Ridge Bowling Alley to pick up strikes.