Dr. King Celebrated at Heritage Blues Festival

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He's two years shy of being an adult, but 16-year-old Jamie Eubanks is already playing the blues.

"The blues is just different than any other kind of music. It's very unique. You gotta feel the blues to play it, and I like that," said Jamie Eubanks, lead singer of the Jamie Eubanks Blues Band.

Once a year Eubanks and several other bands share the stage at the Bradfordville Blues Club taking part in a two day celebration that's music to your ears.

"We enjoy playing for the crowd and we've built up a following in Tallahassee and Thomasville and the surrounding areas, so we enjoy coming out and playing for the fans, it's a lot of fun" said David Collins, bass player in the Jamie Eubanks Blues Band.

The Heritage Blues Festival is an annual event where residents can come and enjoy the sounds of blues, but the event also celebrates the message of Dr. Martin Luther King.

"He's the greatest civil rights leader this country has had. It's the perfect opportunity to honor him and get folks out here," said Gary Anton of the Bradfordville Blues Club.

"I think it's a good thing to have something that honors such a great man, to have the Heritage Blues Festival and to see the different people, the different races and the different background of music they came from," said Dewanda Collins, who regularly attends the Blues Festival.

These different backgrounds were brought together to honor a man whose dream was to do the same. Portions of the proceeds raised will benefit "Planet Gumbo," a nonprofit organization to help feed the homeless.