Airmen Awards

By Ben Wolf
Sunday, January14, 2007

Break out the bow ties and evening gowns; it's time for the Air Force's best of the best to be recognized.

"A chance to show our appreciation to outstanding airmen who have done an incredible amount of work this past year in our war on terror and also the work here at moody air force base," said COL Joseph Callahan

After a little mingling with civilian community leaders, it was time to meet the nominees, and then of course time to dig in.

"It's definitely better than wearing the DCUs and being out in the desert, ‘cause normally this time of the year that's where we're at," said CAPT Doug Whitehead.

Finally the moment everyone has been waiting for. The winners for nine different categories are announced, including Airman of the Year and First Sergeant of the Year.

"I certainly couldn't have done them or won this award without the help of my sergeants on the first council. Moody has the best first sergeants anywhere, so they definitely pushed me into the lime light," said SM SGT Dawna Kingsman.

"It was my first command in Iraq, first command period, and it was an absolute honor to lead those men and women in a combat zone and come home successful," added Whitehead.

Teamwork seemed to be the theme of the evening. All award winners said they got the prize because of who they work with. The food and awards were donated by various businesses and individuals throughout the local community.