Survey Says Floridians Concerned About Higher Education Budget Cuts

For the past year, Florida's 11 public university presidents have banded together to preach the importance of higher education quality, access and funding.

In October, they looked for feedback.

“So we decided to hire a national firm and do a survey to find out how Floridians feel,” says FSU President T.K. Wetherell.

Monday the results of the survey were released. Of the thousand residents phoned, more than 83 percent said they would oppose a reduction in funding for Florida's universities, and 62 percent believe the state should spend more on public colleges and universities.

With nearly 70 percent saying they're concerned about future access to Florida's education system. Presidents say the survey holds a strong message.

Dr. Fred Gainous, FAMU President, says, "I would hope the legislators review the numbers and determine there is a need to support higher education.

The survey was conducted at the request of the state university presidents association. President Wetherell says many other events are underway or planned to keep the association's campaign going.