New High Tech Pilot Program in Place at SGMC

It has received a prestigious honor for creating and implementing technology that helps ensure a patient's safety. This high tech machine is setting the standard for safer medical practices when drawing blood.

“It helps ensure that you’re drawing lab work on the correct patient that you’re drawing it at the correct time,” says Kathy Henderson, RN.

It works like this: the nurse scans the patient's id band verifying the patient and correct lab work. Blood is drawn at bedside and a label is printed from the portable printer and affixed to the specimen container. The blood is then sent to an automated blood analyzer and is never to be touched by a human hand again.

The creator of this ID system says because it's entirely automated, there's no room for human error. Other hospitals are now visiting SGMC to evaluate this technology for use in their own facilities.

Because of this impressive technology, South Georgia Medical Center was one of ten hospitals invited to make a presentation at this year's Georgia conference hosted by Voluntary Hospitals of America.