Martin Luther King Day Parade in Havana

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In communities across the country people are celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.

The streets of Havana were filled with residents honoring the civil rights leader, a man who stood for equality and change.

Bruce James said, "I think that Martin Luther King Day was a start of a great movement to get everybody together."

That sentiment resonated in the rural community as countless residents came out to see the parade, complete with various floats showcasing artistic images of Dr. King.

Residents say the holiday is the perfect platform to remember the civil rights leader's message.

Valerie Hudson said, "His dream is for the blacks and whites to get along together all the civil rights. The voting, those types of things come into play with Dr. Martin Luther King's dream and what he fought for."

King also fought for his dream that children would not be judged by the color of their skin, rather the content of their character.

Catherine Gibbs added, "We really want to teach our child what it means to treat people without showing favoritism, just a change, hoping she can change the world. I don't know if we can."

Havana residents are taking steps to fulfill King's dream, developing a society where all men are truly created equal. The hour-long parade began at the Municipal Building and ended at Palace AME Church for a special service.