City of Thomasville Getting New Stop Lights

Since July rainy weather has been a little bit of a setback for city engineers, but now the new overhead traffic lights are finally going up to mixed reactions from the public.

Monday morning's rainy conditions reduced the visibility of Rose City drivers, which they say is already poor at some downtown intersections.

"Being new in town I ran these lights a few times already. They just don't stand out very good," says resident Cindy Miller.

Some motorists complain the signals are too far apart and close to the ground. They applaud city engineers and the DOT for starting to install new overhead lights at several intersections.

"It will cut down on some of the traffic. It's more accessible for us to see better," says Ronald McLean, a Thomasville motorist.

But some folks say they don't believe the new system is necessary. They say if everyone was driving defensively as they should be, motorists would be able to see the lights on the side of the road.

"What in the world is the difference in the lights? You've got lights on the right and lights on the left if you're paying attention!" says Harold Ash, also a motorist.

City engineers say any way you look at it, the older lights are not up-to-code with the DOT. The new system will make the intersections safer and legal.

The new lights are required to be 17 feet above the ground and positioned so motorists at any angle can see them. A $2.1 million grant from the DOT covered the expenses. New lights are going in at 27 intersections there.