Thomasville Students Hard at Work

By Kate Gaier
January 15, 2007

High school students are hammering away, helping build a new home and a new beginning for someone in their community.

Ryan Brown, a junior at Thomasville Scholars Academy, said, "It's very important because everybody should get a chance to have the American Dream of a house, a home, a job and so on, so it's a great opportunity to help people out."

As part of Thomas County's Youth Service Week, nearly 200 students are giving up their precious time to help someone else, time they say is well spent.

Scott Cheney, a junior at Brookwood School, said, "I like doing it just because you're giving back to the community and everything. I figure I might as well spend my time doing something good."

While some students take the extra day off to sleep in and relax, others are using their time to volunteer throughout the community.

Brooke Lane, a junior at Thomas County Central High School, said, "They may be having fun at home, sleeping or playing video games, but we're helping our community and that says a lot for us who are here."

Jo Ann McGrotha with “Hands on Thomas County” added, "We're trying to let these youths know that when they participate on these type of days. These are things they can do throughout the whole year."

And with 2007 just beginning, the volunteers have plenty of time to make a difference.

If you would like more information, you can call “Hands on Thomas County” at 229-226-5200.