Tallahassee Community Rallies to Remember Dr. King

Fifty years ago Tallahassee was a flash point in the civil rights movement and the scene of a bus boycott that lasted almost a year.

Monday morning, crowds gathered at the bus terminal named for the man who led that boycott. Then, the group marched to the state Capitol for a rally.

Lewis Jackson, a march participant, said, "I’m out here to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King and what he did for this country and what the movement is all about."

"If anyone doesn’t know their past, they can’t move forward in the future,” said march participant Jerald Murphy. “So that’s why I bring my kids so they can know their past so that they’ll be able to move ahead into the future."

Newly sworn Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink was among the speakers. She said King’s "Charisma and passion sparked a flame that burns brightly to this day in the fight against prejudice and discrimination.”