SPC Robert Wise Burial

SPC Robert Wise was hailed as a soldier his comrades could rely upon as a beloved brother, uncle and son. Monday, Robert Wise was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, among men and women he shares one thing with: he too gave his life for his country.

In a ceremony with standard military honors, SPC Robert Wise of Tallahassee was laid to rest in Arlington, Virginia. His superiors say he is nothing short of a hero.

"Absolutely, no doubt about it, this is a young combat hero. Arlington National Cemetery is for our heroes. He's not only a hero for Florida, but the whole country," said MAJ GEN Douglas Burnett.

"The family has suffered a great tragedy and they want to remember Robert. They are holding up. They want everyone to know he died doing what he wanted to do," LTC Ron Tittle said.

Robert’s parents, Tammy and David Wise, were presented with the U.S. flag that covered his casket. SPC Wise was also awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart as he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

There are more than 260,000 men and women buried at Arlington National Cemetery, all American heroes. SPC Robert Wise is now among his fallen comrades in arms. Cemetery workers say this was one of the biggest funerals they have seen in months. Wise was the 40th soldier to be buried at the cemetery since the war in Iraq began.