Voice of Champions

Now marking his 25th year as the voice of the Noles, Gene says he has no notion of hanging up his headset and looks forward to shouting "touchdown FSU" as long as the good Lord lets him.

We spent 48 hours with Gene recently, Tallahassee's own voice of champions.

November 15th: Gene Deckerhoff is wired for a four-hour, 14-minute roller coaster ride as FSU and NC State match each other score for score

Gene's trademark tones have chronicled every garnet and gold hero and heartbreak since 1979. The oldie but goodie was taped right here at WCTV as Gene and coach Bowden tape one of their first shows together back in 1982.

"I like to space open dates when I want 'em. It's very important of course and we couldn't have one at a more timely time than playing the University of Miami," says Gene.

Gene has never missed a game for the Noles, more than 300 of them. He and his team at the Seminole Radio Network say this isn't work, it's fun.

Tom, Lee, Joe and Andy have all been with him for more than a decade. The spotting, the stats. It's all done without a word and without missing a beat. In the stands, headsets abound, as fans tune in for that seamless spirited sound.

"When I started doing play by play I thought you had to be 100 percent objective. Now the evil empire resides in Gainesville or Coral Gables and we're here in God's country: Tallahassee, Florida," Gene says.

You won't believe the hours Gene puts in on a Saturday, and then he turns right around and either drives or flies to the Bucs game. Tuesday, we're going to show you some of the real behind the scenes stuff. Don't miss it!