New Church Ministries

One man's vision is marking a milestone for southwest Georgia. Folks who live on the southwest side of town in Cairo, Georgia say there's a lot of drug activity and lack of education in the area and some say they have an idea why.

"As far as job training, drug counseling, HIV counseling, we don't have nothing like that on this side of town,” Jeff says.

Jeff Mills, the founder of Exodus Ministries, says making these types of programs accessible to the less the fortunate is what "project exodus" is all about.

"We're going to be training people for jobs giving them the tools they need to go out and do what they need to do to survive"

The project will also include a school grades K-8, a medical center and subsidized housing for senior citizens.

"We need stuff to come into town, people will have jobs and elderly will have places to stay without worrying about who they're living by, it's going to be wonderful," says Linda Ransom.

Mills says though this project is the first of its kind for a black ministry in southwest Georgia, it's serving the needs of all people.

This multi-billion dollar facility will be located off Highway 93 and is expected to be completed in 2005, with the help of federal grants, the city of Cairo and corporate sponsors.