Gene Deckerhoff: Voice of Champions, Part II

Juggling those back-to-back games each weekend, Gene has covered more miles than it takes to circle the globe. Come behind the scenes with us as we tag along with the voice of champions.

It's 1:00 Saturday afternoon. Gene is spotted by a young fan in the parking lot at Doak Campbell Stadium. Many handshakes and hellos later he's in the booth doing what he does best. This double overtime game keeps Gene on the edge of his seat for just over four hours. By game's end it's 8 p.m. Add 45 minutes of post game, and then at 9:30 it's off to tape the Bobby Bowden Show.

"Gene Deckerhoff is the easiest guy I've ever had to work with. Really. In 25 years, I've never seen him mad, never seen him in a panic, always in a good mood. That's true and I don't know if anyone else has seen him in a bad mood either, maybe his wife or something you know," says Bobby Bowden.

These two tape the Bowden show after every game, win or lose. They call it a night about 10:30 p.m.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Gene grabs a couple mugs of coffee and by 9:30 he hits the road in his satellite-ready RV bound for Tampa.

“My wife, Ann, drives half way. I drive the other half. Andy Surrat rides with us, he does spotting for the Seminole Network and the Buccaneer Network. We talk football and other stuff,” says Gene.

This is a relatively stress-free trip. Some Sundays it's a pre-dawn plane ride and gene admits he's cut it close before. Don't mention the words Green Bay.

"One time I got there with three minutes until kickoff, that's as close as I'd ever like to be. A playoff game two years later, I got there 12 minutes before kickoff. So you can see why Green Bay is not my favorite town!"

That's exactly who the Bucs are playing on this given Sunday, only on their own home turf. Gene is sitting high above the Bucs sideline.

We asked Gene if he ever gets confused on the air, given the quick turnaround between Seminoles and Bucs. He says it does happen occasionally, especially when there are so many former Noles playing in the pros these days. Wednesday we'll check out Gene's Super Bowl ring and hear some of his favorite plays of his career.