FAMU Trustees Consider Longer Holiday Break

The buzz on campus quickly turned to a holiday surprise as the board considers five paid days off for employees during the winter break.

After missing the deadline for financial statements to the State Department of Financial Services, FAMU heads were taking a lot of heat, even from its Board of Trustees.

“We believe we now have baseline date, reliable and valid information to help us make decisions in the future,” says Dr. Gainous.

One decision that will get few complaints, a unanimous vote to give employees a five day paid break during the holiday season.

“Other universities have done it and I think it’s entirely appropriate for us to do it as well,” says Barney Bishop, FAMU trustee:

For FAMU it will also mean saving more than $65,000 in utilities and other operational costs over the winter break, but to 16-year employee Cornelius Ann Floyd, the time off is priceless.

“I'm excited. I'll have extra time to go visit family and friends, do some traveling,” she says.

We'll let you know if the paid vacation was passed by the board.