FHP Has Warning for Holiday Drivers

While there have already been some warnings about drinking and driving, the sheer volume of traffic alone is prompting another call for caution from the Florida Highway Patrol. As people get ready for the long holiday weekends, by packing up the cars, and hopping on the highways, the Florida Highway Patrol is saying: be careful.

"The region, the Big Bend, we're seeing unfortunately a pike in traffic fatalities this year. Already, today there are more fatalities than all year, last year. We want to stop every single one," says Lt. John Bagnardi of FHP.

FHP and the North Florida Safety Council says danger isn't just more vehicles on the road.

"Make sure you're aware, people are going to be more aggressive because they're in a hurry. Be patient. You’re trying to not be impatient, and doing certain things you wouldn't normally do because you're trying to get somewhere by a certain time,” says Erin Seward.

FHP reports that last year, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 49 people were killed. Sixty-seven percent of those killed were not wearing seat belts.

The Department of Transportation wants you to know for planning reasons Thanksgiving Day will be busier on the roads than the day before.

Another warning, FHP has suspended all office duties starting at midnight. That means there will be 200 more troopers working the roadways this weekend.