VHS Band Director Resign Amid Allegations

The Valdosta city school system had been investigating band director Paul Pippin III for the past week, and school officials say this resignation helps put an end to a serious situation.

The Valdosta Board of Education has accepted a written letter of resignation from band director Paul Pippin III. Valdosta High principal Dr. Tommy Craft says this case involved improper communication between teacher and student.

"There is no evidence, suggestion or speculation that this relationship involved any sexual or physical activity, professional educators in Georgia must not even pursue emotional relationships or allow friendships to go beyond established boundaries," says VHS Principal Tommy Craft.

The school board's investigation uncovered that Pippin had been communicating improperly with a female student through the computer and even a cell phone.

"Now despite this case, Dr. Craft doesn't think it will have a negative impact on teacher student relationships here at the High School."

"I wouldn't want to diminish the importance of developing relationships, there's nothing wrong with proper relationships. Students need teachers who they feel like they can talk to and share things with," says Dr. Craft.

And now, leaders at Valdosta High School have turned their attention to the future. Dr. Craft says this case should remind all teachers to be extra careful how they deal with students. We tried to contact Mr. Pippin to get his side of the story, but he has not returned our calls.

The Valdosta school board will report this case to the state's professional standards commission, which could prevent Pippin from getting another teaching job anywhere in the Peach State.