Controversial Ride Home

A Thomas County parent claims his child was beaten on a school bus and the driver did nothing to stop it. There is surveillance tape of the incident and schools officials say they're doing everything possible to get to the bottom it.

Randall Newsome says when his son came home from school with torn clothes and red marks from head to toe. He demanded to see a surveillance tape from the school bus. Newsome says he had been beaten with a belt by a group of teenagers.

"He was assaulted by eight different people to the point where I couldn't see him and when I did all I could see was him struggling for his life," says Newsome.

Thomas County Superintendent of Schools says the students were indeed misbehaving, but not to that extent.

"The older student hit the boy with a belt it lasted a minute. There was no continuous beating going on," says Larry Green.

Officials say the bus driver did not take action against a situation that took place only two seats away. That's why officials have stepped in.

"We have dismissed the bus driver who was a substitute driver we have also had juvenile charges pending with the older students involved," Green adds.

Dr. Larry Green says student safety on the buses is a priority and they are continuing to investigate the situation to take further action.

Surveillance cameras have aided school bus investigations. Twenty-five counties and 55 school buses are now equipped with cameras, and officials are working to them installed in all of them.