Health Officials Release Salmonella Report

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We caught up with Jami Lacy and her son after they were leaving this Arby's drive thru.

Jami Lacey said, "We eat at Arby's a lot.”

Lacey was surprised to hear over 40 people got sick after eating here, 19 of them hospitalized.

Lacey added, "It makes me feel a little betrayed actually because I depend on them for reliable food."

The Health Department is being criticized for not letting the public know sooner.

Tad Williams, District Environmental Health Director, said, "There was not enough of a risk because of the particular salmonella it was not a major threat to the community.

"Due to legal issues the South Georgia Health District would not release the name of the fast food restaurant, but an employee at this Arby's on North Ashley Street told us that it was here where the salmonella infected meat cutter was found."

An Arby's spokesperson says, quote, "Even before it was determined that the restaurant’s equipment was contaminated, the owner took the unit out of service. All the food in the store at the time was destroyed."

Genine Johnson District Epidemiologist, said, "We leave it up to that facility to decide what they want to do. Our main goal is to find the source and to eliminate the source.”

The infected meat cutter machine at this Arby's has been eliminated. No new cases have been linked to this restaurant since.

Lacey said, "When things are hidden it just makes you wonder what else is being hidden."

However, consumers like Lacey remain cautious.