New Report Cards in Thomas County

By Kate Gaier
5:15 pm January 16, 2007

Spencer Bell is one of 240 students at Thomas County Central High who will no longer be striving for As and Bs, not because he's slacking, but because his report card is getting a makeover.

"I think it's better than what we had because you can make up your work and things like that. You can go back and learn things, it brings up your grade," said Bell.

The report cards are more detailed, numbers replace letters. A four is equivalent to an "A", and a one is a failing grade.

Instead of earning a "B" in English, the subject is broken down; numbers are given to categories such as work ethic, listening, reading, and so on.

Dr. Jean Quigg, Thomas County School's Assistant Superintendent, said, "We realized that there are some things that we are doing as far as grading, that really are not in the best interest of the students, so in order to implement these performance standards we realized that we needed to make some changes in our grading.”

The cards also allow students to make up work, making it easier to bring up a failing grade.

Bell added, "I think it helps break down where you see what you're doing wrong or right, where you can help bring your grade up."

Laine Reichart, a chemistry and physics teacher, added, "This is probably the most radical change that I have seen in twenty-four years of education, and I've seen a lot of changes."

They are changes educators hope will make a big difference in student achievement.