Man Receives 10 Year Prison Sentence in Death of His Infant Child

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Quincy, FL - Bobby Dukes sentenced to ten years in prison in death of his three month old son.

Previous Story, Quincy, FL, September 7, 2012 - A Gadsden County man is waiting to be sentenced for the death of his infant child.

20-year-old Bobby Dukes was found guilty of manslaughter earlier this week.

He was arrested back in 2009 for the death of his three-month-old son in Quincy.

Deputies say Dukes confessed to hitting the baby's head on a chair next to the bassinet.

Dukes said the baby was sick and crying and he became very frustrated.

He's scheduled to be sentenced on October 12th.


Relatives are speaking out about a father accused of killing his infant son.

Family members have come forward with accusations that there was a history of domestic violence between Bobby Dukes and the mother of his child.

20-year-old Bobby Dukes is in the Gadsden county jail, accused of hitting his three-month-old son's head on a chair and killing him.

Now the baby's maternal grandparents are saying that Dukes had a history of domestic violence and even once threatened to kill the child and his mother.

"If you got a kid and your fighting, that child shouldn't be no where around. I don't really know exactly what happened, to me, it had to come directly from domestic violence because you can't just drop a baby. You don't just drop a baby," said Willie Baker, the baby's maternal grandfather.

"Unfortunately in this case we have two young parents with very little coping skills and they don't know quite frankly how to deal with infants who are very demanding and cry a lot and parents have a lot of pressure," said INV Scott Ivey with the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's deputies confirm that there have been accusations of domestic violence but they do not believe that was an issue in the baby's death.

The baby's mother declined to comment on the situation.
Dukes has no prior criminal record and has never been arrested or charged with domestic violence.

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