Trial Suspended

A Tallahassee murder trial has come to a sudden halt as psychologists are called in to check the accused killer's mental state.

Testimony in the trial of Robert Thornton began Tuesday, but Tuesday the judge halted testimony and summoned a psychologist to evaluate Thornton after his lawyer complained he was increasingly irresponsive.

"I do believe there's some deterioration over when I saw him last. So that's the reason for my qualification about whether he is clearly competent. He's right in that gray area, marginally competent I guess," said Terry.

Thornton's lawyer blames his change in behavior on an unauthorized change in his medication at the jail, but prosecutors suggest Thornton may be exaggerating to avoid going to prison.

A deputy testified Thornton was talkative and laughing on his way to court Tuesday morning. A decision on his competency will be made Thursday.