Capital Lanes Plans to Rebuild After Devastating Fire

Wednesday fire investigators say they have at least some answers about what happened at capital lanes. Investigators say what they do know is the fire started in the manager’s office, but they add after burning for five hours, it's been difficult to determine exactly what caused it.

Avid bowler, Harry Frisbee says he misses his favorite bowling alley.

"Since 1985, I've been coming here two times a week. I will miss it. Monday nights we have no where to go," said Harry.

This is what it used to look like on league night, which took place four times a week at Capital Lanes. Since November 21, fire fighters have been able to complete their investigation.

"We've examined and isolated it to the manager’s office. The fire is undetermined," said INV John Gatlin of Tallahassee Fire Department.

But investigators say Capital Lanes management has hired a private investigator to try and find out more about the cause. In the mean time, Capital Lanes bowlers have gotten some good news when it comes to the future of the bowling alley.

It's hoped the foundation can be saved to begin the rebuilding process. In the meantime, most patrons have started going to Seminole Bowl, and some of the Capital Lanes employees are also working there part-time.