Georgia University Efficiency

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Chancellor Erroll Davis calls Georgia's 35 campus system a dynamic enterprise that must become world class in how it uses each dollar.

Administrators at Valdosta State University agree.

Jim Black, VSU Vice President of Finance and Administration, said, "Find ways that we can avoid cost, cut cost and frankly do better things with what we have."

One cost cutting strategy is saving energy. VSU has replaced all florescent lights with energy efficient bulbs.

Ray Sable, VSU Director of Physical Planning, said, "In terms of energy efficiency were seeking after different forms of energy other then natural gas and electricity we use now."

Becoming more efficient with the campus's lights has already saved VSU thousands of dollars. That saves taxpayers money, and students hope they'll feel the effects too.

Ashley Coleman, A VSU student, said, "That'll be a good thing because maybe we won't have to pay so much later on in the future and that would help out a lot."

VSU administrators say they have a task force designed to come up with ways to save energy. In addition to the lights more than a hundred other ideas are in the process of being implemented, all in an effort to cut costs and make the campus more efficient.

Chancellor Davis also says the university system will focus on admitting more students and increasing the number of students who graduate.