Lowndes County School Calendar

A new calendar is being proposed for the next school year that would give students and faculty longer weekend breaks in the fall and winter.

School officials are proposing a new schedule for the next school year. If it passes, it will allow a four-day weekend in October and again in February, giving students and faculty long weekends in both semesters.

The extra four days needed to extend the long weekends will be taken from the three- week long holiday break, making it slightly shorter. But that doesn't seem to upset teachers in Lowndes County.

The school board says more time off throughout the year will help improve morale and reduce absenteeism. Students agree a break from the books will be beneficial.

School officials are confident this proposal will be approved during next week's board meeting.

They predict the majority of people effected by the new school schedule will welcome it into next years plan, however it may take some getting used to for some parents who do not have those days off from work,

If the board passes the new schedule next week, you can find the approved dates on the Lowndes County school's Web site.