Second FAMU Presidential Candidate Arrives on Campus

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"I don't need to be a bird sitting on someone's shoulder to see whether the job is getting done," said Dr. Howard Johnson speaking to a crowd of FAMU support staff.

"What are the needs necessary in order for us to be much more efficient?" added Johnson.

"He presented some very proactive responses and approaches, which I'm very interested to see. I just thought his presentation was great. I thought it was very enlightening," said Lashawnda McCloud with FAMU's Fiscal Affairs Department.

Johnson says with technology changing every 18 months he wants to have a technology plan built into the university's budget to address that change. He also says FAMU needs a strong university wide honors program.

Among students, Johnson received mixed reaction.

"I'm very much in favor of him because he comes from a non-HBCU. I think that brings a fresh perspective to the university and may move us forward to the next level," said FAMU sophomore Mario Henderson.

"I'm actually not confident at all because his answers are so generic. He didn't go into specifics. He seemed to repeat himself a lot and say the same things over and over," said FAMU senior Bethany Young.

As provost of the University of North Texas, Johnson says he has had to make some tough decisions, and not all have been popular.

"Those tough decisions, when need to be made, should be made, but people should be aware. They shouldn't be waking up the next morning reading something in the paper saying, 'I had no idea that this would be happening,'" added Johnson.

All three finalists for the position of FAMU president will have their final interviews in February with FAMU's Board of Trustees.