Bed Tax Extended

A local bed tax hike recently kicked in and now, county commissioners have doubled the length of time it will be in affect.

Ben Erdmann and his wife have been stopping in Perry while traveling from Minnesota to Palmetto, Florida for 20 years.

He says it doesn't make a difference to him that the new bed tax there has been extended to 10 years. "I'm 78 years old so I don't know if I'll be around 10 years from now. But I think for people who do pay the tax, it'll be something that'll bother them. You do have to pay taxes in order to get something good."

The Taylor County Commission approved a one-cent bed tax increase last year, paid for by anyone who stays in a hotel or motel.

It was expected to raise $45,000 dollars a year to be used for repairs at the Forest Capital Hall Community Center.

The Taylor County Tourism Council says the tax increase was extended from five to 10 years in order to secure the finance requirements to make those repairs.

"I think it's a very good decision," said Front Desk Manager Harriet Mote with the Days Inn Perry.

The council says the tax on the county's 13 hotels should generate $450,000 dollars over the 10-year period.

"Over the years, Taylor County has grown,” Mote says. “We are seeing more and more people, mostly snowbirds and also the football seasons; we do very well. We have good business."

Taylor County's bed tax currently stands at 10 percent.

Next week, Leon County will consider a one penny increase to its bed tax to support a performing arts center.