Lincoln High Remembers Keeley Dorsey


Wednesday night's basketball game was a bit quieter for some Lincoln High students learning hours before that their friend, Keeley Dorsey, a former standout football player for the Lincoln High Trojans, was dead at the age of 19.

Deshaun Barnes played football with Dorsey and learned the news from his coach in the locker room.

Barnes said, "I was shocked. We thought he was playing, so when I heard him I thought ‘oh my gosh;’ why do all football players keep dying like this? I know Keeley works hard and he's always at it. He's a hard worker. I was shocked."

Dorsey was at the prime of his young life living out his dream as a college football player at the University of South Florida. His former coaches say he even stayed an extra year at Lincoln to earn the grades he needed to qualify to play for USF, and when he finally got there he never forgot where he came from, the practice fields and locker rooms of Lincoln High.

Padric Scott met Dorsey while a junior varsity football player and looked up to the football standout.

He said, "Keeley was a good spirited kid. I mean, I'll never forget. Keeley and I started getting close after the football season; we all started playing two hand touch outside. He was a good kid. If there was nothing to do Keeley would get all the boys together and everyone would have fun."

Dorsey may have moved four hours south to the University of South Florida, but still remained a close part of the Lincoln High family, visiting his former coaches and teammates just two weeks ago.

Kyle Rice, head football coach at Lincoln High School, was an assistant coach during Dorsey's time at the school.

He said, "Keeley was a very hard worker, loved Lincoln, everybody loved him, just a great kid."

Lincoln High's principal says there will be grief counselors on campus this week to help students cope with the loss.