Seized Property Up for Auction

Two ranches, one in Gadsden County and one in Jackson County, will go on the auction block next week. We visited the "Nelaz" ranch Thursday morning.

Charles Dodson and his son walked through the cow pasture, anxious to place a bid on the ranch just miles from where he grew up.

The 912-acre ranch near Sneads will soon be sold to the highest bidder. It was seized when the feds broke up a $2 billion cocaine smuggling ring and sent Miguel Vega and his two sons to prison.

Agents admit they don't often find drug dealers and money launderers on the farm, but this is a working ranch with 200 head of Beefmaster cattle, a virtual showcase of pricey equipment. Even prized bull semen is up for sale.

Miguel Vega is serving a life sentence. His sons Nelson and Lazaro are serving just over three years. The auction of both "Nelaz ranches", the one in Jackson County and another 776-acre ranch near Sycamore in Gadsden County will be next Tuesday at 10 a.m.