Trash Changes


Tallahassee Solid Waste customers are scratching their heads over a new garbage plan. It calls for a reduced level of service starting in May for the same rate now being paid.

City commissioners approved a deal Thursday, reducing collection days from two days a week to one day and eliminating back door service unless you pay a monthly $20 fee.

Solid Waste General Manager Reginald Ofuani says he's received several calls of concern since the announcement, mostly about the backdoor service. Tallahassee is one of the last Florida cities to offer the service.

Residents who are physically unable to roll the trash containers to the curb will be eligible for free backdoor service through the city's Helping Hands program.

The city says the changes had to be made, otherwise, it would have to raise the rates.

Chris Shaw, a Tallahassee Solid Waste customer, said, "For larger families I don't think that would be a good idea and I would like to ask why they're doing that."

Ofuani says an additional trash container will be available to families needing the extra capacity for a fee.

The city now turns its focus to recycling, increasing collection days to once a week as opposed to every other week.

For a detailed look at the changes and answers to some of the concerns, go to the "As Seen On WCTV" link on this website.