Florida Fourth Graders Rank High

The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows Sunshine State students are gaining ground in math and surpassing national numbers in reading. The National Assessment of Educational Progress is the only national test that shows what America's students know and can do in various subject areas. It's been around since 1969, and this year Florida fourth graders top the chart in reading.

By the time kids get to the fourth grade, teachers say they are reading to learn. The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows Florida fourth graders are in fact learning to read and doing it better than most kids nationwide. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the nation's report card shows Florida is the only state to make significant improvement in fourth grade reading, actually surpassing the national average.

Jacob Dipietre with the governor's office chalks up the results to the governor's A Plus plan, but reading isn't the only subject fourth graders are getting high marks. In fourth grade math, Florida is at the national average for the first time, and improved more than the nation as a whole from 216 to 234, a jump of 18 points.

Education officials hope to make even greater jumps come next report card day. While the news is good for Florida fourth graders, the news isn't as good for Florida eighth graders. Their reading scores slipped below the national average by four points.