Stride of Pride

She says she's on this adventure for a couple of great causes. Stanwood, Washington, January 1, 2003, Dee Caughlin started her "stride of pride" across America.

"I'm the walker. We're walking to Key West from the state of Washington, through the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation and the WW II Memorial. We want to raise awareness," says Dee.

For the last year, Dee and her two traveling partners have been making progress across the country, raising money, and meeting people who believe in their cause.

"I will never forget this experience. We've met great people. It's very overwhelming," Susan Patterson said.

Dee walks about 10 to 15 miles per day, all on back roads, with one of her partners right behind her the whole time.

"I've always wanted to walk the United States. And I thought why not do it and raise money?"

In just weeks, the walk will come to an end in Key West, Florida. Dee says she knew once she got here, she would be happy, that it was almost over, and sad for the exact same reason. Dee says her target date for Key West is January 26.