GEMA Attacks School Safety

GEMA is forming a school safety project to help prevent school violence.

A severe weather drill at Cairo High School is what Tim Helms, CHS principal, says is a prime example of how important his students' safety is. Helms says anything that will continue to ensure their safety is a priority.

"As far as bomb threats and guns and this type of thing, we certainly hope that we would never have that at Cairo High but we know we're not immune to a situation like that we want to be ready," said Helms.

That's why helms has considered the GEMA school safety project. It provides training that helps school personnel point out suspicious activity, deal with school bullies, handle the growing problem of gangs, and aid in school bomb threat management.

Students at Cairo High say they have not seen any violence to that magnitude, but they think a safety plan will prevent any problems.

"You never know when anything could happen, so I think the program could help us in case something did happen it might not but you never know," said Alisha Barnes.

Helms commends GEMA for offering this service free of charge. He says the level of safety in a school is a reflection of how effective the school is. Officials with GEMA say the program has been effective statewide, and want to encourage students to report to authorities any act of violence they may suspect.