Sunshine State Recognized for Student Tracking System

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Florida is on the right track when it comes to keeping students’ records straight.

James Workman is on the right path to a successful school year, but last year his report card was lost, stirring up a lot of unnecessary stress.

Hoping to avoid this situation in the future, educators are using a data system to keep student transcripts and information in order.

"It helps because you go along the way, this will put you in the correct classes," said James Workman, a sophomore at Leon High School.

The system follows each student from the time they begin school through their post secondary education. Now Florida is being recognized as the sole state in the nation to meet all ten elements for this high quality data system including gathering information on untested students, matching teachers with pupils, and connecting students’ performance in college.

Athena Gill is a business educator and said, "I believe it's a great step to identifying students, it's one more step they are taking."

For guidance counselors, gathering the correct information is especially helpful when students transfer from one school to the next.

"Hopefully it will get students in the correct classes if they transfer here it will help keep track of students from one grade to another a little easier," said Kathy Heinz, Guidance Director at Leon High School.

Experts say the decisions made in education are only as good as the information given, and it looks like the Sunshine State is on the right track.