Special Christmas Wish

It's the time of year when kids around the world are making lists of everything they want from Santa, but a little girl in Cairo, Georgia has one Christmas wish to donate her hair to another child whose battling cancer.

Linsey Johnson is eight years old in the 2nd grade at Eastside Elementary in Cairo, and this year she has discovered the true meaning of the holiday season.

Just like any other eight-year-old child, Linsey Johnson can't wait for Christmas Day, and there's one Christmas wish that's she's getting early this year.

"Give my hair to some girl that didn't have hair. I would give it to them for a Christmas present so they would have hair,” said Linsey.

Lindsey's mother says she was surprised that her little girl wanted to cut her hair because she's so prissy, but was so proud of her for wanting to help others in need.

"I came home from school and was telling her about one of my teachers who cut her hair for Locks of Love. Linsey is one of those tender hearted children she was like other kids don't have hair!" said mother Kimberly Huyvaert.

Folks here at tangles hair salon in Cairo say they've cut hair for Locks-of-Love before, but not for an eight-year old, so it's being done for free.

"We think it's awesome that kids now days have such big hearts and want to help other children and we're happy she came to tangles," said Cindy Bell.

"I love my hair and want someone else to have hair like mine," says Linsey.

The nearly 11 inches of locks equal an endless amount of love. Anyone with at least 10 inches of hair to cut can donate their hair to Locks-of-Love.

There is not a Locks-of-Love office in Georgia. Linsey's family took their donation to the office in Tallahassee, or you can mail it off, but there are specific instructions of how to cut and package the hair.