Madison Excel New Digs

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When you walk into the halls of Madison County Excel School the first thing that greets you is a metal detector. It's a means of protecting students from criminals or would be sexual predators.

Maceo Howell said, "One of my main concerns is the safety of students. With things happening through this country, with people walking in and doing things and us being open as we are, I have great concern with that."

And that is one of the reasons school officials are moving students and faculty to a new location on a closed campus at Madison High School.

Six brand new portables will be brought to the current high school site to house the new excel alternative school.

Excel Alternative School is the last chance for kids who have discipline or academic problems.

Administrators say although the two facilities will be on the same grounds, they don't foresee a problem with kids from either campus.

Lou Miller said, "It's far enough they will not be any combining they will have separate lunches like they do now and everything will be self contained within the excel school."

The new facility means teachers and students will leave behind an array of electrical and other problems that have been roadblocks to success.

The new facility will be ready for students this august. Right now 60 students are currently enrolled at Excel.