FSU's Glofish Technology

One fish, two fish, red fish, glofish?

“We just got in a shipment of glofish. It’s a fish that's been genetically altered with a fluorescent gene,” said Taylor Beech, store manager.

The normally black and silver zebra fish have inserted genes from sea anemones or jellyfish to turn them red or green, but FSU biology professor Jim Fadool says glofish aren't so new.

In fact, he says scientists have been making transgenic fish for more than 15 years. He says transferring fluorescent genes into another species helps identify disease, but the researcher says he understands why people may get hooked on the glofish.

“To see red fish, green fish and even blue fish. It is different for us and it was just a matter of time before it hit the market,” said FSU Biologist Jim Fadool.

Along with disease research, fluorescent fish were also specially bred to help detect environmental pollutants.