First Lady in Quincy for Read 2004

"One World Reading Together, Read for 2004" is designed to encourage all children and parents to celebrate reading. Florida's first lady was in Quincy Friday taking part in this scholastic event.

Six-year-old Ariel Howard loves to read. In fact, she's read 150 books since the start of the school year, and so far being a self proclaimed bookworm is paying off.

"Reading helps me become smart, intelligent, because I learn new words every time I read a book. That's why I like reading books," says Ariel.

Ariel and several of her classmates at St. John Elementary School joined Florida's First Lady Columba Bush in a worldwide celebration of reading.

Mrs. Bush says reading is an important tool that will help students excel in the classroom.

"For them to be an inspiration and for them to know reading is fun also, you learn a lot reading so that's my hope," says First Lady Columba. Bush.

At crossroad academy charter school in Quincy, students like Reginald Washington have made reading a favorite pass time.

"I like to read because it's fun and you know you can learn how to read," says Reginald.

And to keep in line with the festivities, guest speaker Sherri Taylor acted out a little rendition of an old African story, much to the delight of the more than 200 students at crossroads who gathered for this worldwide reading program.

Classrooms around the globe were connected online through Read for 2004.