Accused Rapist Caught in Tallahassee

By Julie Montanaro
January 19, 6:50pm

A fugitive accused of multiple rapes in Alabama has been caught in Tallahassee. Marshals say he may have been here for a week or more and FAMU police are anxious to question him about a rape near campus this weekend.

Nineteen-year-old Mark Beecham's run from the law ended in the parking lot of the Petro gas station on South Adams Street as the Violent Fugitive Task Force surrounded the car.

"The suspect looked at us; we believe he was attempting to flee but he was blocked in with other law enforcement vehicles and he was taken into custody," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Scott Wilson.

"Probably about 10 to 15 other policemen all of a sudden came in at gunpoint and just pulled the suspects out of the car," said Will Johnson, who watched it all unfold from his BBQ smoker on the corner.

Beecham was wanted in Dothan, Alabama for at least two December rapes, one in which he allegedly jumped in a woman's car, the other, broke into her house. Sources tell us they spotted Beecham at the Palmetto Apartments on South Adams Street running from an apartment and tossing a suitcase and backpack into a car.

He and his friend didn't get far. They were arrested at gunpoint moments later, but police now wonder if Beecham raped again while in Tallahassee. FAMU Police intend to question him about an attack that occurred at the very same apartment complex Sunday morning.

"We have investigators who are very much interested in speaking with this suspect as they have been following through with their investigation," said FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross. "We are very much interested in speaking with him."

Beecham is being held in the Leon County Jail on seven felony warrants including rape, sodomy, and kidnapping. There’s no word yet if the man in the car with him will be charged with any crimes for harboring a fugitive.