Donations Needed

Lending a helping hand to those in need in our area is becoming a little difficult without the necessary resources.

Empty space on the bread shelves, empty space on the shoe shelves and empty space on the clothes rack; volunteers at the Mayo Manna House say donations are dwindling and in order to help people like Mayo Resident Jerry Barwick that needs to change.

"If it hadn't been for them I know I would've been hungry a lot of times,” says Barwick. “The bread, the food boxes, everything. They help everybody around here. They've helped me immensely."

The non-profit organization helps about 300 people from Lafayette and surrounding counties every week.

It provides just about anything from free food and clothes to wheelchairs and household items.

Director of Mayo Manna House Don Imler says, "We have what we call emergency food boxes. We try to include the things that they can't buy with food stamps, such as laundry detergent, dish detergent, soaps, tissue paper. But we can only give it out when we have it."

"I needed a heater a couple of weeks ago and Mr. Don helped me out with that. It would've really been cold in there without it," says Barwick.

Imler says they would like to add 80 feet onto the cramped 1899 Mayo Manna House.

He and the organization's beneficiaries say they only hope generosity will fill up the extra space with donations.