Accused Serial Rapist Arrest Ease Fears At FAMU

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Students at Florida A&M University stunned to hear a rape was committed on campus.

"The first thing came to my mind was wow did somebody actually live here. It could happen to anybody and I was thinking it could be me, it could be my friend it could be anybody," said Catherine Bwenge, a freshman student at FAMU.

The unsuspecting victim of a violent act. The type of crime FAMU police said are declining.

"Our violent crimes against persons have taken a tremendous nose dive. Therefore this would have been the first sexual battery that we've had in at least twelve to thirteen months on campus," said FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross.

Word that a possible suspect is in custody gave some students a sense of relief.

"Knowing that they apprehended him now, I feel better cause now I know if anything ever happens again people always there to catch them. It doesn't take forever and they don't ignore the situation," added Bwenge.

Still some students are taking preventive measures.

"Try to take precautions like don't get in the car with people you don't know and don't be walking off by yourself late at night and hopefully everything will be alright," said Dexter Johnson, a sophomore student at FAMU.

Steps FAMU police said are important for students to practice at all times.