Archbold Hospital Plans for Expansion

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Archbold Hospital has been taking care of patients since 1925. Now there are talks of expanding and improving the hospital's facilities, including the possible construction of four new patient floors.

Laura Fletcher is a nurse and she says she's excited about the plans.

"I believe smaller communities should expand their hospitals because the time that could be lost for trauma patients, heart patients to get to Tallahassee, we could lose patients during that time."

During the past year, Archbold administration, along with their board of trustees, has been working with an international consulting and architectural group to develop their plan of action.

For now the hospital is planning to build a new patient service area, new emergency and surgical departments, a new intensive care unit, and possibly four new patient floors. Residents in Thomasville say they're happy to hear about these new plans.

Jon Athan lives in the Thomasville area and he said, "If I got hurt or injured I'd want someone close by that could handle it without being transferred too far away."

Hospital officials say the plan is still in its first stages, but say they're confident these changes will help them better serve the community.