Building Code Changes in Franklin County

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Franklin County is taking immediate action, calling all the builders in the area, warning them of the changes in code thanks to the recent action by the Florida Legislature.

Franklin County's administrator knew the Legislature was dealing with insurance costs.

Alan Pierce, an administrator with Franklin County, said, "But we did not realize that one of the fine prints in the law was that it would be effective immediately so soon as the bill was passed and signed by the Governor then it could be effective."

Stan Brown of Salty Dog Construction said, "I don't think anybody knows for sure where it's going to go into affect or particularly what the changes are."

No one seems to be sure of the answer. County leaders say right now it looks as if all buildings in Franklin County must be able to withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour, and they believe the changes take place immediately, but they want a state leader to help them understand the code requirements and help them explain them to the builders, hundreds of which say this will add on thousands to the cost of a new home in Franklin County.

Some lawmakers say these codes have been in place for years, but many counties relied on barrier islands to give them a way out of implementing the codes.