FAMU Police Investigate Campus Assault

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FAMU police are now awaiting word on lab tests to see if a rape suspect arrested last week can be tied to an assault on campus.

FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross says right now there's no definitive link.

Ross says when investigators tried to question 19-year-old Mark Beecham, he refused to talk, which of course he has the right to do.

Ross says DNA tests could be available any day now.

"Investigators are currently checking with the lab to possibly do some type of lab analysis based on physical evidence that came from the scene involving our case. At this point there has been no definite connection made," explained Ross, who says there are "striking similarities" between the attacker in their case and Beecham.

Beecham is currently being held at the Leon County Jail. He is accused of two rapes in Dothan, Alabama.