Online Shopping at Work

A Yahoo survey shows the second Monday in December is consistently the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. The poll also shows one in four shoppers do their purchasing on the job with 56 percent of their bosses aware of it.

“I do a lot of on-line shopping at work. Once I get home I don't like to use the computer,” says Greg Lane, a residential appraiser.

Lane says he buys all sorts of Christmas presents from toys to sporting event tickets. He says in the end, it’s actually good for business as it keeps employees at their desk online, instead of away in line.

“In our office we don't have much of a problem as long as they don't spend too much time. I'd much rather they be here than leave somewhere and spend more time from the office,” Greg said.

Representatives from the Florida Retail Federation say online purchasing has gone up 38 percent this year, and whether it’s from home or the office, companies are responding.

“We represent the small business to the large business and the majority are taking part in online shopping,” said Scott Dick of the Florida Retail Federation.

As for the most popular time of day to shop online, the survey says during lunch or break time.