Toxic Cleanup in Gadsden County

The property being cleaned up is located right across the street from an old lumber company.

Chris Dodson and her husband bought their dream home a little more than two years ago. The10-acre lot located east of Quincy was ideal for her and her family, but Dodson soon learned there were contaminants on their property.

"The only thing we really knew it was contaminated with arsenic in little areas and they tested little further and after we bought the place they found out it was contaminated the whole 10 acres," said Chris Dodson.

The Department of Environmental Protection has been cleaning up the arsenic on Dodson's land and the land next door.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, DEP says, "Arsenic and dioxin contamination are at low levels although above acceptable levels. This is part of an ongoing removal. The soil was determined to be classified as non-hazardous."

They blame the contamination on the post and lumber preserving company located right across the street from Dodson's home. The defunct plant treated wood using toxic agents. Those toxins made their way into the soil and into the surface water, and eventually contaminated the neighbor's land.

"They said it was so minute and because they have been testing our well water often and the water is perfect we're not concerned at all," said resident Wilda Stark.

"They say the levels aren't strong enough to hurt anyone just mild levels of arsenic found and they just want to do some precautions to help us out,” Dodson said.

DEP plans on cutting more than eight acres of pine trees and removing the soil underneath to get rid of the contamination on Dodson's property. This project is expected to be completed in spring of 2004.