Drug Dealer Arrests

Undercover officers are rounding up suspected drug dealers right before the holidays. Monday morning, officers in Wakulla County had 10 arrest warrants in hand.

The Special Operations Bureau in Wakulla County rounded up four of the ten suspects Monday. They hope to nab the other six Tuesday, all of whom are believed to be dealing cocaine and marijuana throughout the county.

Cameron Farmer may be spending the holidays behind bars. The 26-year-old was caught selling cocaine to undercover cops. Farmer is just one of ten suspected drug dealers being targeted by the Special Operations Bureau in Wakulla County. All are wanted for selling cocaine, crack and marijuana in Crawfordville and Sopchoppy.

“We got out of the refrigerator, a container with marijuana. He's being placed in patrol car and being taken to jail,” said MAJ Maurice Langston of the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office.

Langston says they're making headway in the war on drugs. By eliminating drug dealers, users have fewer options.

“We're trying to prevent crimes during the holidays. People who want drugs don't have money so they break into homes steel gifts for drugs.”

In just two weeks the unit has arrested 14 people, and in the past six months, it has made 62 drug related arrests, an effort these guys are pleased with, but aren't satisfied.

SGT Cliff Carroll/Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, said, “It's not gonna' quit, but I wish they'd slow down think about what's going to happen when they're caught.”

What happened to Cameron Farmer, Benika Jones, Vincent Reltas and Heather Revell Monday. They were put behind bars with $50,000 to $100,000 bonds each.

MAJ Langston says you're seeing so many roundups because of this special operations team. He says they work around the clock, only focusing on drug activity in the county, and they do they're job well. He also says if other counties had a similar unit, you'd see similar cases.